BBQ Meatballs

As I mentioned in the 2 previous posts, I held a baby shower for my brother and his girlfriend today at my house. There were between 30-35 people here so we had to make easy dishes that would feed a lot! Our menu consisted of roast beef (which I heated with the au jus in the crock pot) and/or cold cuts with rolls, rigatoni, cheesy potato casserole, BBQ meatballs (I tripled this recipe), and salad. My mom broght everything over to my house on Friday night and gave me a timetable as to when I had to start putting everything together. I have to say, I had never made BBQ meatballs before, and even if I had, I would never have thought to make them the way that I did. After looking at the recipe, I couldn't imagine them actually tasting good, but much to my surprise, they were delicious and it seemed everbody else liked them too! I did manage to forget to take a picture, but I'm sure you can imagine what a bbq meatball looks like!

BBQ Meatballs from the side of a can of Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce
14 ounce can Jellied Cranberry Sauce
12 ounce bottle Chili Sauce
2 lb bag Frozen Meatballs

Cobmine the cranberry sauce and the chili sauce and pour over meatballs in crock pot. Cook on high for4-6 hours. You can also cook these quicker on the stove. Combine the 2 sauces in a pan over medium heat. Add the meatballs and cook for 15 minutes.