Vanilla Malted Frosting

I'm not overly thrilled with the way this cake looked once it was frosted and "decorated" which is exactly why I plan to take the Wilton cake decorating classes before this summer.  This way, come August, I'm ready to tackle that wedding cake for my brother!

Last night, I had a meeting for the teacher sorority that I belong to.  The theme of that particular meeting was game night.  Some of us played card games, some of us sat back and talked.  Perhaps most importantly, though, we also celebrated one of our member's 80th birthdays!  We couldn't let it go un-noticed, so I volunteered to bake a cake for the occasion.  I chose to make this chocolate cake, only because at another function, I overheard the birthday girl say she preferred it to any other type, and I filled it with a mocha flavored mousse.  When I was thinking about the frosting to make for the cake, I found this on Loves to Eat, which originated at Jaime Cooks, and it was a great!  I halved this recipe, which was still more than enough to frost a 2 tier 9 inch round cake, and pipe the border and wording on top.

5 sticks Butter, softened
8 cups Confectioners' Sugar
1 cup Malted Milk Powder
1 teaspoon Salt
2 tablespoons Vanilla Extract
1 Vanilla Bean, scraped (I didn't have one, so I omitted this)
1/4 cup Heavy Cream

In a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, beat the butter at medium-high speed until it is smooth, about 20 seconds.  Add the salt and half of the sugar.  Beat at medium-low speed until most of the sugar is moistened, about 45 seconds.  Add the rest of the sugar and continue mixing until combined.  Scrape down the bowl and beat at medium speed until the mixture is fully combined, about 15 seconds.  Scrape the bowl, add the vanilla and heavy cream, and beat at medium speed until incorporated, about 10 seconds.  Add the malted milk powder and stir at medium speed to combine.  Increase the speed to medium-high and beat until light and fluffy, about 4 minutes, scraping down the sides once or twice.