Grilled Zucchini Pizzas

Its such a beautiful day today that it would be a shame if we didn't use our grill! We went to the farmer's this afternoon and while we were there, we stopped at a friend's house for a late lunch. Because of that, and how hot it was, we wanted something on the lighter side tonight for dinner. I came up with this pizza and it was great. It hardly took any time at all to cook and it was absolutely delicious! It would be a fun thing to have while entertaining friends on a summer night, too! Now we are going to go and enjoy this beautiful weather some more at a friends house. We are going to have a bonfire and make s'mores and drink some wine!

4 Flatbreads
1 (8 ounce) package of Goat Cheese
1 Yellow Squash, cut into coins
1 Zucchini, cut into coins
Ground Pepper
Penzey's Mural of Spices blend

Grill the zucchini and squash until tender and golden brown. Meanwhile, place the flatbreads on the grill to get some color on both sides. Spread each flatbread with 2 ounces of goat cheese and sprinkle with some fresh ground pepper. Place the zucchini and squash on the top of the cheese and top with the spice blend.