Welcome 2011!

Even though I started this little old blog in the summer of 2009, 2010 was the first full year of Fried Ice & Donut Holes.  Some of the highlights were getting a new camera (now I just need to work on my photography skills) and actually having people read and comment on my blog.  Of course, perhaps the most important highlight was all of the great recipes that I tried from the many blogs that I follow.  

As we begin 2011, I wanted a place to write my blog goals for the year so that I could be held accountable.  So, if you don't mind, I'm going to share them with you now!

1.  I want to post more.  Or at the very least, get into a more regimented schedule of posting, even if it does only end up being 3 times per week.  Last year, I posted 174 recipes, most of which were borrowed from others.  This year, I'd like to post 200 recipes, and I'd like for more of them to be my own.  I do better when following a recipe, but I'd like to venture out into the world of creativity in the kitchen a little bit more.

2.  I want to work on my photography skills.  There is nothing worse than looking at a post with a gross picture-and I know I'm guilty of that myself!  I'm going to look into making some sort of light-box, since most of the time, we make dinner after the sun goes down.

3.  I'd like to work on my writing skills/blog voice.  When I look back at my old blog posts, sometimes I'm impressed with how I write, and other times I realize I tend to be a bit boring.  I'm sure that will come eventually, as long as I consciously try.

Bonus.  I'd like to try to submit some posts to foodgawker.  This, of course, will come after I've worked a little bit on goal #2.  Perhaps that will, in turn, increase the traffic here on my blog.

I also have a working list of things I'd like to make.  It is a constantly evolving list that is by no means complete.  Some things are easy, and some more complex, but for some reason or another, they are all things that I feel the need to make from scratch at some point in my life.  I'd like to publish that list here, so that I may feel more compelled to actually try the recipes I've been saving for so long.  So, without further ado, here they are:

1.  Croissants
2.  Biscotti
3.  Bagels
4.  English Muffins
5.  Souffle
6.  Homemade Ketchup
7.  Homemade BBQ Sauce
8.  German Potato Salad
9.  Naan
10.  Chicken Tikka Masala
11.  Homemade Ravioli
12.  Homemade Pasta
13.  Filled Cupcakes
14.  Granola Bars
15.  Soft Pretzels
16.  Baklava
17.  Paella
18.  Tortillas
19.  Salad Dressing
20.  Eggs Benedict
21.  Gumbo
22.  Jambalaya
23.  Pirogi
24.  Borscht
25.  Graham Crackers
26.  Marshmallows

Well, there you have it--my lofty blog and cooking goals for the new year!  Here's to reaching all of these goals.  I hope that you have success with all of your goals and resolutions this year, as well!