Caprese Sticks

Caprese sticks

One of our favorite things to enjoy during the summer is caprese salads and sandwiches. There is just something about the simple combination of garden fresh tomatoes and basil that scream summer to me; paired with fresh mozzarella and topped with a tangy balsamic vinegar, and I'm hooked! Last night, while we sat in the backyard and enjoyed the summer breeze, I took our love for caprese and adapted it to fit on a toothpick. I plucked a few large basil leaves off of our plant and got to work. I wish I could say I picked the cherry tomatoes off a plant, but instead I took them out of a package, as with the mozzarella balls. With a quick poke of a toothpick, snack was served. I am linking this recipe to the Tomato Love Recipe Exchange, where the theme this week is tomato appetizers. Come share in the tomato love at the Tomato Love Recipe Exchange, hosted by Gimme Some Oven and Bake Your Day, sponsored this week by KitchenAid. Also, visit Recipe for Change to learn more about how to support tomato farmers.  

Whole Basil Leaves
Cherry/Grape Tomatoes
Bocconcini (Mozzarella Balls)
Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar

Poke the end of a basil leaf with a toothpick. Skewer a tomato and mozzarella ball onto the toothpick. Gently pull the basil leaf around the tomato and mozzarella, and feed the other end of the leaf onto the toothpick. Repeat with remaining tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. Place the skewers on a plate and sprinkle with some fresh cracked black pepper. Lightly drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the top of the skewers and enjoy!