Denver Omelet Pie

Breakfast food is my favorite kind of food. I enjoy weekends when we go out for a big breakfast that fills me up until dinner. Wherever we go, I almost always get some kind of omelet with a side of hash browns. Typically, I'll get a spinach and feta omelet, but I do like to switch it up every now and again. A few weeks ago, we went to a little local greasy spoon diner and I ordered a western omelet. Full of peppers, onions, cheese, and chunks of ham, it was much different than my normal go-to filling, but it was delicious, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. Enter this recipe. After what seems to be an eternity, the Secret Recipe Club is back in action after the holidays. This month, I was introduced to Cindy from Everyday Insanity. I enjoyed reading through her posts of delicious recipes and sweet stories about her family. While she had many great recipes that I would have loved to try, after reading the ingredients for this recipe, I knew right away that this Denver Omelet Pie was the winner. I made it on a Saturday morning and it made more than enough to enjoy again on our lazy Sunday, and again for a quick breakfast before work on Monday. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe, Cindy. We enjoyed every last bite and look forward to eating it again in the future!

6 Eggs (I used 9 because 6 just didn't look like enough)
1/2 teaspoon Onion Powder
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/8 teaspoon Pepper
1 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1/2 cup Ham, diced (we used 5 slices of cooked bacon)
1/2 cup Green Bell Pepper
4 cups Frozen Shredded Hash Browns
Hot Sauce, for serving, if desired

In a large bowl, beat the eggs and seasonings. Add the cheese, bacon, pepper, and hash browns and stir to combine. Pour the mixture into a greased 9-inch pie plate or 9x9 inch glass dish. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes, or until a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean (mine took almost an hour). Allow to cool, slice, and serve. *Recipe can easily be doubled for a crowd--just put it in a 9x13 dish.

SOURCE: Everyday Insanity