Candy Coated Popcorn

Candy coated popcorn

Happy New Year! I know it’s January and everybody has lofty plans to eat healthy, but I have one more Christmas recipe that I wanted to share with you before it got lost in the shuffle.

I In addition to cookies, I wanted to make a fun snack for Christmas. Inspired by a treat that I had at a friend’s baby shower a few weeks prior, I turned to popcorn. My original intention was to put bags together and hand them out to my friends at work, but once again, that never happened. I really have to become better at planning ahead…perhaps that can be a New Year’s Resolution! Anyway, Joel went to the movies with his parents one night and I opted to stay home, watch The Sound of Music, and make popcorn to share with my friends and family on Christmas. During commercials, I popped the popcorn on the stove, melted the candy in the microwave, stirred everything together in a giant bowl, and set it out on cookie sheets to harden. (Word to the wise: make sure you use a very large bowl. I thought mine was big enough and as I stirred everything together, popcorn poked up above the lip of the bowl, spilling to the floor!) To hand out the treats, I packaged the popcorn up in individual treat bags, stapled them closed with some festive scrapbook paper, and attached one bag per gift that we gave out to our family on Christmas. Everybody seemed to enjoy the popcorn as a welcomed alternative to mounds of cookies everywhere you look! 

16 cups Popcorn, air popped (~1/2 cup of kernels with about 1 tablespoon of oil)
16 ounces Vanilla Candy Coating (I used Make ’n Mold brand)
3 tablespoons Biscoff Spread or Cookie Butter
1-2 cups M&Ms
1/4 cup Sprinkles

Pop the popcorn according to package directions, then place it into a large bowl. Melt the candy coating in the microwave. Once the candy coating has melted, stir in the cookie butter until smooth. Drizzle the coating over the popcorn and gently stir until evenly coated. Mix in the M&Ms and sprinkles, then spread the popcorn out on wax paper to harden. 

SOURCE: Ever so slightly adapted from I Heart Nap Time